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I've been doing React for ~2 years, I've started learning React Native a few days ago and immediately ran into a wall. I'm trying to import a simple .jsx file into my App.js:
import PostsPage from './pages/PostsPage/PostsPageContainer.jsx';
Here's the error I'm getting: Unable to resolve ./pages/PostsPage/PostsPageContainer.jsx" from ".//App.js
: could not resolve
/Users/MyUser/Documents/app-name/pages/PostsPage/PostsPageContainer.jsx' as a file nor as a folder","name":"UnableToResolveError","type":"UnableToResolveError","errors":[{}]},"type":"bundling_error"}" There's a huge thread on this error but it's all people trying to import outside modules. I'm trying to import a regular .jsx file which I'd created myself. I've double and triple-checked that the file does exist and it's spelled right. I've also tried restarting the packager and clearing cache. I've used
to create this app.



For your file extensions in react-native, use .js instead of .jsx. The default extension is .js unless you want to disable that rule.